The experience of the company Locatelli  founded it's roots in 1927 in the city of  Brescia, when Angelo and Giuseppe Locatelli  joined together in order to achieve their ambitions. Since then the company Locatelli has always worked  in  the specialised sector  of  the production of hunting and target shots, improving it's products year by  year. The  company has always been in the most advanced position of  development in the use to plants  and in the technology of  aerial  shot precipitation, and  therefore  the company Locatelli quickly became successful and competitive in this sector.

      . La ditta Locatelli negli anni '60
La nuova torre di fusione        .

Today the company occupies an area of 14.000 mq, of which 3.000 mq are covered  and where  the new shot-tower 50 metres high can be found. The  experience  of  the company  Locatelli  consents the production of a perfectly calibrated, spherical shot, which maintains a constant quality level in all its features. The  quality  of  the  product  is  guaranteed  by  the  use  of  stable pig-metal  ternary lead alloys, antimony and arsenic.  The company Locatelli  has  become the leader of  this sector in Italy and Europe, with  an  annual production  of  over  10.000 tons, exporting quality products all over the world: 

England, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Greece, Slovenia, Cyprus, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Lithuania, USA, Canada, South Africa, Senegal, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia.

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